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SXmini Qmini
  • 1.Q: I bought a Qmini device, but can not connet to the App, pls help.

    A:  1. Pls check our Bluetooth video on yourtube, more tutorials will be available one after another. 

         2. Please make sure your iPhone is the latest version, if not, please upgrade. 

         3. Please be sure to turn on the bluetooth " Bluetooth On" on your device. And then long press the fire button, When the Bluetooth signal is sent, then open the App on the phone( Remember to open your phone's Bluetooth function) ,, so you'll be connected immediately.

  • 2.Q: What is the difference between QMini and Q Class?

    A: The size of the Qmini is smaller than the Q Class, Qmini also includes Bluetooth functionality, the 510 connection  upgraded to 25mm.

  • 3.Q: Can you tell me how to lock the resistance/ohms of the Qmini?

    A : After installing the atomizer, please long press the “+ - ”buttons at the same time.

  • 4.Q: What is the diameter of the 510 connector?

    A: The diameter of the 510 connector is 25mm.

  • 5.Q: Are the side panels of Qmini changeable like Q Class?

    A:No, only the left panel is removable to access batteries. 

  • 6.Q: Is the decoration sheet blocked? Can the liquid get in and damage the chip?

    A: The decoration sheet has been blocked, and we added a insulating strip between the chips and the battery cap.

  • 7.A: What is the purpose of the transparent film inside the panel door?

    Q:It’s to prevent possible danger caused by damaged batteries.

  • 8.Q: Why should I use the original usb cable? Would it be faster?

    A: The Qmini USB cable is custom built for 5V/2A charging speed.The 2A charging speed is much faster than other products on the market and provides a balanced charge between both batteries.

  • 9.Q: When will the Sxi-Q Android App version be available ?

    A:Android version of the SXi-Q App should be available in about a month, reason being is because there are a lot of different version Android phones and that requires a lot more time programming, and testing to obtain stability. 

  • 10.Q: When I'm using the Bluetooth function, why do I have to pair it with my phone?

    A: To establish a unique and secure communication channel between the device and the phone. You only need to pair your device to phone one time. Device will then connect automatically without needing to pair device again.

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