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SXmini G Class
SXmini G Class(Beta upgrade version-20170615)V6.700

Please be sure to use the latest SXi-Q driver Version (or higher versions)to upgrade your SXmini G Class.

You can also download the Driver and V6.700 firmware from:   

Google Drive:  2017/6/15  SXmini G Class Latest Driver& Firmware

SXmini G Class Firmware Upgrade Tutorial—DJLsb Vapes


How to upgrade the SXmini G Class to V6.700?

Please download the upgrade instruction here: 

SXmini G Class Upgrade instruction for 6.700(How to Upload your own wallpaper).pdf

SX550A chip is the same as SX550J chip, just different production batches.

Before upgrading, please check the device information on SXi driver.

If your device is powered by SX550J chip, please upgrade with SX550J firmware.

If your device is powered by SX550A chip, please upgrade with SX550A firmware.

Upgrade FAQ:

Important notice:

Please be sure to use this latest SXi-Q driver Version (or higher versions) to upgrade your SXmini G Class.

When the device completed the first upgrade,  please unplug the USB cablethe device may shows" Please connect to the computer again and upgrade to new system":


When you see this interface, it means you can continue with the next step:

1.Open the SXi & plug the USB cable again.The device will be upgraded to new system automatically.

4.The device will be upgraded successfully, and the charging USB is on the screenplease click fire button 5 times or remove the battery and turn on the device then can be solved.

How to exit the Bypass mode:

To exit the bypass mode, please push the joystick to the down direction for more than 5 seconds, then it will switch to Power mode.

How to unlock the device:

Press the fire botton three time, then push the joystick to the down direction.

SXmini G Class V6.700 Beta version Upgrade features: 

1) Added Wallpaper Customized icon at V2.8.3.1 SXi Setting page, which supports SXmini G Class wallpaper to be customized.

2) Added sport car instrument pane wallpaper(Wallpaper 2) , under S1-S5 mode, it is deep blue; if under Eco, Soft and Standard modes, it turns to light blue; if under powerful and powerful+, it turns to red.

3) Add new clock interface when locked screen, total 3 clock interface now.

4) Improved the unlocked method, show a lock icon when click fire button three times, push down the joystick then unlocked.

5) Support wallpaper customized with APP through Bluetooth. (Only support ios currently)

6) Support font colors selection at fire interface except Wallpaper 1 or 2, upward joystick 5 seconds to select color.

7) Fixed 5.500 charging bug.

8) Fixed the bug that could do part operation when device turn off. 

9) Fixed the bug that automatically raised the amount of joule.

10) Fixed the bug where resistance trimming can not quickly reduce resistance.



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